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TstatWIFI thermostats are becoming standard in our ever changing residential heating and cooling industry.  The ability to control your thermostat from any PC, laptop, and smart phone with the simple push of a button is just one of the perks achieved by choosing a WIFI thermostat for your home.  WIFI thermostats also have the ability to send emails when the system has encountered a fault, so no more walking in from work to find a freezing cold or scorching hot house.  WIFI thermostats are also great for vacation homes. The ability to access your heating and cooling system on the way to your vacation getaway, means no more waiting for the summer lake house to cool down or the winter ski resort to warm up.  WIFI thermostats are a key part in home automation, being able to control your security systems, door locks, and cameras in your home from the same controller as your heating and cooling system is rite around the corner.