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Meet the Family


Dave is President, Owner, and a Sr. Estimator at Sun Ray Heating, Inc.  He has been in the HVAC business for nearly 50 years and he is the fourth generation to be in the business.  Dave enjoys working with all the different people he meets in the Chicagoland area, as well, as nation-wide.  When not working, he is an avid golfer and likes to travel.

JASON SUNDEENEstimator / Project Manager

Being a Sundeen meant that Jason was around Sun Ray quite often while he was growing up.   But was during his high school years that he started really taking an interest in the family business.  He started out driving delivery trucks and helping around the shop.  Right out of high school, he applied for the Sheet Metal Local 73 apprenticeship program, and after completing the program, he started working in the field applying the training and skills that he had acquired.  Jason worked in the field for more than 20 years perfecting his skills.  Recently, he has moved up to Project Manager/Estimator; he is also learning the new skills that he will need to be able to run Sun Ray Heating as President when his father, David, retires.

JEFF ORZEL – Sr. Estimator / Project Manager

Jeff is a Sr. Estimator/Project Manager at Sun Ray Heating, Inc.  He is also one of the 5th generation family members of Sun Ray.  While in high school, Jeff would work part time as well as during the summers at Sun Ray doing deliveries or whatever needed to be done.  He took 4 years of CADD in high school which led him decided he wanted to do something in the Construction/Building industry.  After high school he pursued a degree in CADD.  He would go to school in the mornings and work in the afternoons at the office learning how to do the estimating and project management sides of Sun Ray.  He has been a full time employee since April 1997. 

When he started at Sun Ray our main work was plan and spec retail projects. Over the years we have done many restaurant projects from National restaurant groups and local restaurant groups. Over the last five years, largely in part due to Jeff’s diligent pursuits, we have started working on design build mixed use developments. One of them being Addison/Clark in Wrigleyville. We completed the base building and apartments. From there we went on to complete four tenant build outs and landlord work. 

Jeff’s knowledge and dedication make him a valuable asset to Sun Ray’s success.

Jon Haddon – Service/Sales

Jon began his career in the HVAC industry in 2006 working as a helper on both residential and commercial installs.  He moved up from helper to installer after a short time and began servicing equipment as well.  In 2012, he was given the opportunity to leave work in the field and learn the sales aspect of the industry.  Jon worked his way up to Service Manager with continued emphasis in sales.  As Jon puts it, “working at a unique company that handles all aspects of HVAC, has allowed me to continue to learn and grow, bidding everything from residential replacement to plan and spec commercial projects.”  Jon finds enjoyment in the challenges of learning new aspects of the constantly changing HVAC industry.